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At least the ones I can consciously recognize...


  • George R. Stewart - Earth Abides.
  • The works of Lord Dunsany:

    I know a roadside where the wild rose blooms with a strange abundance. There is a beauty in the blossoms too of an almost exotic kind, a taint of deeper pink that shocks the Puritan flowers. Two hundred generations ago (generations, I mean, of roses) this was a village street; there was a floral decadence when they left their simple life and the roses came from the wilderness to clamber round houses of men.

    Of all the memories of that little village, of all the cottages that stood there, of all the men and women whose homes they were, nothing remains but a more beautiful blush on the faces of the roses.

    I hope that when London is clean passed away and the defeated fields come back again, like an exiled people returning after a war, they may find some beautiful thing to remind them of it all; because we have loved a little that swart old city.

  • Kurt Vonnegut - Slapstick

Music - The songs are sad, and remind us of sad times. But we are still here and can still make music, and for that we are joyous.