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Locus: Outbuildings - Part II

Living the strange lives they do, outbuildings accumulate quirks and characteristics that set them further apart from each other and daily life on the estate. This table allows traits to be added to the outbuildings created in the first portion of this article. Roll d100 or choose once or twice for each building. It's also possible for a single roll to apply to multiple similar buildings if you like.

Next week, part III - Sample Estates.

Roll Trait Description
01-03 Abandoned Nobody has come here in a long time, and it's falling to ruin slowly.
04-05 Airy Because of big windows, a loft, or an open floor plan, this building feels bigger than it is.
06 Ancient It's entirely possible the estate was built around this.
07-08 Austere This building has no frills or decoration.
09-13 Cozy A fireplace, comfy chairs, a rag rug or similar make this a surprisingly nice place to idle.
14-16 Cramped Cluttered with junk or built narrowly, it's difficult to move in here.
17-21 Crude Not built to last, this building is improvised, crude, or leaning against something.
22-24 Damp Might contain a water source, or might not get enough sun. Mossy and swollen.
25-26 Dark Either sits in shade or has too few, or no, windows.
27-31 Dedicated The activity here is focused on the care of a particular kind of animal. Roll d6:
1-2: Chickens or ducks.
3: Sheep.
4: Horses or ghasts.
5: Cows.
6: Trollizards.
32-33 Deep Contains a cellar, well, pit, or other underground area.
34-36 Dilapidated Crooked or listing, these buildings look quaint but can be dangerous.
37-41 Distant Far-removed from the main house or other buildings, and likely seldom visited.
42 Fey A mischievous being such as a sprite or goblin has taken a liking to this place.
43-45 Filthy Everything here is soiled. Roll d6:
1-3: General dust, dirt, and grime.
4-5: Something related to the building’s function.
6: Something inexplicable (a root cellar full of feathers).
46 Haunted A wraith, banshee, or similar force troubles this place.
47-49 Incomplete Either still under construction or abandoned during construction.
50-52 Infested The building swarms with insects, toads, rats, or other vermin.
53-54 Lair A large animal such as a wolf has made its home somewhere within this structure.
55-56 Model Miniature version of the main house or another prominent building.
57-58 Movable Set on wheels, this can be moved to where it is needed.
59-63 Overgrown Vines and moss cover the walls and roof, and shrubs press close against the walls.
64-65 Pretty Brightly painted with gables, trellises, or well-tended flower boxes
66-70 Quarters Has a separate bed chamber and supplies for a servant or traveller.
71-75 Repurposed First built for another reason, traces of which are still evident. Roll on the first table again.
76-80 Ruined This sat idle for too long, and is now a pile of stone and rotten timbers that suggest rooms.
81-83 Seasonal For most of the year this building is not used and is carefully sealed up.
84-85 Singular Constructed of materials or in a style starkly unlike any others on the estate.
86-87 Sod The walls are made of cut soil, or the roof grows back into a hillside.
88-90 Stone Completely made of stone, either masonry and brick or piled fieldstone.
91-93 Superior This building boasts excellent craftsmanship and will last for generations.
94-95 Wicker Primarily woven from reeds or willow branches. In large places these are interior walls.
96-00 Wooden Either sawed planks or interlocking logs. Hung with buckets of sand to fight fires.