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Followers of the Mysteries of the House of Ellis.


Followers of the Miles of the House of Ellis. The majority of Walkers spring from this sect.

A Walker carries with them a pouch of mixed seeds of hardy edible plants: apple, purslane, potato, sunchoke, bean, dock, dandelion, and wax reed. When their travels take them far from known roads, they plant furrows of these seeds around their fire circle.

Years later, someone lost or fleeing finds a bountiful hearth in the wilderness, and knows someone tread there before them and that they will live another day.


Followers of the Bible of the House of Ellis, or surviving sects of traditional Christians.

Hendam University

The university for which one of the Jorvian states is named. Founded by a band of Ethereals, this sprawling campus is the most catholic educational institution to be found in the Land.

Tarsus College

Aylar Clan University; also closest thing to a central power for Vitae, located in the ancient Gasmith city of Tarsus to which it gives its name, climbing terrace upon terrace along a crashing waterfall.

Salon Beriquiste

Jorvik’s cities have long traditions of boarding houses. They emerged naturally as cheap living for workers and their families and gave travelers and merchants a safe, reliable temporary home. In recognition of the benefits these houses bring, most cities subsidize and monitor them somewhat.

The houses have always little communities unto themselves, where everyone gathers for shared daily meals and conversation. The cheaper ones invariably drew artists, thinkers, and performers who struggled to turn these gatherings to their own passions. Where they congregated the thickest, the dining rooms and common spaces of the houses were pressed into service as open parlors for their patrons and associates, or performance spaces and galleries.

Competition between these artist houses became common with each trying to attract to themselves the best talent.

Burnt Mark

A criminal syndicate specializing in providing things people are not supposed to have. Whatever power they cannot draw from drugs, prostitution, or organized fights, they arrange in the form of protection rackets. Therir presence is strongest in Acadia, whose stringent moral laws ensure the highest prices for their services.

House of Kings

In sharp contract, and often direct opposition to, the Journeymen, the House of Kings are masters of finding where misery does not exist and filling that void. Extortion, underground gambling, and political fixing form their livelihood. Though strongest in Jorvik, their influence extends to all the nations, and exerts a slow, choking pressure on many borderlands.