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What protection is available to those venturing into dangerous situations?

  • What is it made of?
    • Small bits of metal are readily available, but as the pieces get bigger, the cost grows geometrically - anything heavier than a breastplate is astoundingly rare. Bracers and greaves are a bit more available, but still very expensive.
    • Leather is far more available, generally trollizard patches sewn together, and sometimes augmented with studs of metal.
    • Composite armors similar to bullet-proof vests are possible, but relatively expensive. They are be made by layering several kinds of rare hivespun, some of which are very specialized.
    • Shields are a common candidates for metal investment.
  • What about magic?
    • Self-repairing armor is the most prevalent.
    • Resisting specific damage types (fire, fray) is the next most common.
    • Armor that staunches bleeding and administers medication is sought after.