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The trollizard is an extremely abundant farm animal. This stocky creature grows to be around three feet long, nearly a third of which is its thick, flat tail. It otherwise resembles a cross between an alligator and a gecko, with perhaps a hint of frog. When the weather grows cold, they grow coats of short, gray feathers around their necks and torsos, shedding these in the spring.

The remarkable commercial success of the trollizard comes from its regenerative ability - if its tail is removed, it grows a new one in just a few months! Each tail yields about ten pounds of tender, red meat, and about two square feet of thick leather. Trollizard meat is commonly made into jerky, stews, and steaks. In addition, the beasts lay clutches of leathery eggs if particularly well-fed; something on the order of a dozen a month.

Trollizards are not picky eaters, either, and are fed on scraps and slop. Most laborers' families keep a couple in the yard, and farmers have hundreds of them in insulated barns. If they are kept warm, they will produce feathers, eggs, and leathery tails continuously throughout their lives, which usually run about 10 years.

They are unfortunately prone to mutation, a fact which the cultists of Thaia-thaan'ag make great use of. One more common variety is a huge, quickly regenerating beast. Another is slightly larger than average, but can run across walls and ceilings, and has a habit of dropping on peoples' heads.