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The advance of technology in the years before the burn allowed for life to be manipulated at many levels, and the definition of life itself to be stretched and explored. Some artists of independent means and dubious ethics began to combine aspects of different creatures into fanciful and bizarre configurations. Sometimes they added mechanical or holographic aspects to give the creations an otherworldly appearance. Their behaviors were similarly shaped to be intriguing and startling. They drew from myth, cryptozoology, dreams, and nightmares. On the whole, these creations were known as chimeras.

Most chimeras perished with their creators, but a few have weathered the fall of man. They exist in the wildest regions; howling, thrashing, glowing, time-mad visions of the past. They have strange ways, some fascinated by tortuous riddles, others adorning their lairs in the wings of dragonflies. Their appetites are stranger still, feasting on sea water and driftwood, coal and blood, wine and acorns.

These are the "dragons" of the Land of Still Waters. Each is a unique, extremely powerful being with its own lore and territory.