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The fey of the world are constructs tasked with singular purposes. Some mystics and students of lore refer to the fey as "quonhae", a name whose origins are lost in time. Most fey are old beyond memory, even their own. They belong to an age when such things as themselves were commonplace, and are consigned to an age when they find themselves to be mysteries and monsters, shadows of a time gone by wearing cloaks of myth and dreaming of what was.

The fey do not reproduce, but are remarkably resilient and able to repair themselves and sometimes each other using all manner of materials. Deep under these trappings though, and woven through them, are ancient cores of fantastic technologies. A fey corpse is of great value to those who know how to harvest and re-purpose such things, a fact any fey who has survived so long are keenly aware of. They are often reclusive or work to conceal their true natures if possible.