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Draze is a fibrous material harvested from prolific puffball fungi and smoked in a pipe. The smoke is thin and oily, with an earthy, pungent aroma. The puffballs are fairly easy to grow, needing only to be given warmth and old wood, so many families maintain a small midden in a cellar alcove.

It has very mild hallucinogenic properties, and heavy users sometimes get "the shimmers", wherein edges go blurry and luminous. A draze high typically lasts a couple hours and has few after effects, so it is a popular after-dinner vice.

Alcohol steeped with draze and imbibed has a much more significant effect. In weaker brews like beer or wine it accentuates the narcotic effect and dulls the senses to mere blurs and gurgles. In distilled liquor, it can induce a catatonic, anesthetized state fairly easily, and such a tincture is often used to prepare patients for surgery.