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Unionist Party

The Unionists focus on making Jorvik an international leader among a strong and unified group of nations. They focus their diplomatic efforts on Acadia and Gasmithon, caring little for borderlands these nations do not, and considering Vye a volatile lost cause.

Unionist politicians tend to be sincere and eloquent. Many are blooded or semi-human, since the party is extremely accepting of these, to the point where they are often accused of favoritism.

Much more than the other parties, Unionists seek out relics and golems. They try to turn these to the national advantage, or as bargaining tools in their negotiations. They are often ridiculed for this dependence by other parties, but when these plans work the results tend to be spectacular.

They are often accused by other parties of neglecting their duties at home and to their people. They counter that they have been largely responsible for the widespread use of skyhearths, stockpots, and many other things that are now taken for granted.


Mechet is the chattering, undulating, keening language of the golems. Very few humans have ever shown any aptitude at understanding its alien logic, patterns, and speed.


It is the duty of the samaelisks to swell the ranks of Thaia-thaan'ag through temptation, blackmail, and madness. They resemble large serpents with human faces stretched over their long skulls, and tiny, embryonic hands. Through their hidden whispers and narcotic venom, they usurp others' wills and bend them to the cult's purposes.

Wax Reeds

A dark green and extremely waxy reed, fairly common in marshes and bogs, with has remarkable anti-bacterial, -viral, -fungal, and -radiation properties.

Burnt reeds mixed into the reed wax form a potent healing salve. Different strains are more effective than others against certain ailments, so the best salves use little bits from many regions. The wax is also used to seal containers, make candles, and any number of other useful things. Candles impart some of the plant's healthful effects via their smoke and naturally have a light, herbal smell, so are favored in many houses.

A freshly cut reed contains nearly pure water, so stands are popular campsites. They can be fashioned into bottles or jugs which have purifying properties, and the addition of ash reservoirs allow such containers to clean even stagnant, standing water. The stalks are too brittle to create anything large and sturdy.

The reeds have many nick-names which vary by region: water reed, marshluck, green reed, saint


Draze is a fibrous material harvested from prolific puffball fungi and smoked in a pipe. The smoke is thin and oily, with an earthy, pungent aroma. The puffballs are fairly easy to grow, needing only to be given warmth and old wood, so many families maintain a small midden in a cellar alcove.

It has very mild hallucinogenic properties, and heavy users sometimes get "the shimmers", wherein edges go blurry and luminous. A draze high typically lasts a couple hours and has few after effects, so it is a popular after-dinner vice.

Alcohol steeped with draze and imbibed has a much more significant effect. In weaker brews like beer or wine it accentuates the narcotic effect and dulls the senses to mere blurs and gurgles. In distilled liquor, it can induce a catatonic, anesthetized state fairly easily, and such a tincture is often used to prepare patients for surgery.


The most common drinks in all the Lands are mild cider and small beer. These contain very little alcohol, and are not considered vices anywhere outside of Vye. Kvass is popular in Gasmithon, with most clans having some ancestral recipe they claim is superior to all others. Stronger ales and ciders are common only in Jorvik.

The primary producer of wine is Acadia. This forms one of their major exports as they are not generally a heavy-drinking people, though it is an important factor in many religious ceremonies. Jorvik has a national pride for a form a mead brewed from certain roasp hives - most others find it unbearably sweet on its own, and use it only as a flavoring.

Acadians are also known for their brandy. This is both for export and to fortify sailors during long, lonely expeditions.  Whiskey is distilled wherever and whenever an abundance of grain presents itself - it is easier to store and trade than the raw harvest. The strangest and strongest liquors are traded by the Glist


Vitae is a pragmatic philosophy which combines aspects of survivalist techniques, nature-worship, and Deism. It is most popular in Gasmithon and the Borderlands.