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Unionist Party

The Unionists focus on making Jorvik an international leader among a strong and unified group of nations. They focus their diplomatic efforts on Acadia and Gasmithon, caring little for borderlands these nations do not, and considering Vye a volatile lost cause.

Unionist politicians tend to be sincere and eloquent. Many are blooded or semi-human, since the party is extremely accepting of these, to the point where they are often accused of favoritism.

Much more than the other parties, Unionists seek out relics and golems. They try to turn these to the national advantage, or as bargaining tools in their negotiations. They are often ridiculed for this dependence by other parties, but when these plans work the results tend to be spectacular.

They are often accused by other parties of neglecting their duties at home and to their people. They counter that they have been largely responsible for the widespread use of skyhearths, stockpots, and many other things that are now taken for granted. These discoveries are indicative of the Unionists' deep-seated belief in improving the material quality of life for everyone, no matter their nationality or heritage.

The Unionists often come into conflict with the JNFP over the husbandry of natural resources. Where the latter sees sweeping forests, the former sees lumber.

The party sees surges in popularity. They make some big breakthrough or discovery or relation, and everyone loves them for a while. The other parties slowly wear them down, while they search for the next big thing and try to keep their international respect. Good adventure seeds!