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The guild of roasp-keepers.

Each strain of roasp works in a different environment, and not all are hospitable. Guild wagons travel to places many consider haunted, through wilderness and along old roads. Poachers stalk them, eager to snatch a season's worth of hives in a single night of dagger work. Unscrupulous guards across the land squeeze laden caravans for far more than the agreed tariffs. For these reasons and a hundred other those watch the hives have pooled their considerable influence into a protective council.

The hivewatchers have good relations with the Journeymen and often hire escorts from among their ranks, or contracts with travails recommended by them. Broadly speaking, the guild is divided into two factions: the Towers deal in readily-available commodities like paper, glass, gel, and plastic, and the Wheels are concerned with rarities such as copper, silver, gold, and the more esoteric hives.