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Word of Vye

The only official religion of Vye venerates its King as a living god. He rules over his people absolutely, an arbiter of every aspect physical and spiritual aspect of their lives. There are no unofficial religions among the denizens of Vye. There is only the Word.

Vye is recognized as having absolute control only over his people - the whims of the seasons and other lands are seen as natural, unguided, and chaotic forces. To this end, the kingdom recognizes twelve nomes. Each is led by a nomarch who takes daily council at their appointed hour with Vye to report on conditions within their jurisdiction and pass such edicts as are needed to the people.

Nomarchs are recognized as something in between god and man, and have authority withing their nome subject only to interdiction by Vye himself, or a unanimous vote by all other nomarchs in Vye's absence. Such an event has only occurred once in the annals of the kingdom, and the supplicant, Byogth, found himself a popular and long-lived replacement for the nomarch he shortly replaced. The story is a popular one and serves to remind all of their inherent closeness to Vye and the rightness of being.

Below the nomarchs are the pagarchs. Each town of any considerable size which serves as a trade hub has a pagarch elevated from its citizens to serve as quartermaster, mayor, and pastor. Pagarchs are not seen as divine, and some number of human flaws are expected from them, but they have been touched by something greater which must be recognized in their actions and decisions.

Outside of Vye the faith has only has a few scattered cults, mostly in Borderlands which consider themselves either stranded or serving penance for some offense against the God-King.