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Only madmen and nihilists become members of Thaia-thaan'ag, which seeks to complete the apocalypse it believes was set in motion centuries ago. Its members revere a spiral-symbol of entropy, which they posit has manifested as serpentine gods of destruction through history.

The Thaia-thaan'ag are responsible for the creation and proliferation of the thaaskith. When the cultists raid, they carry fire, which destroys and purifies as it provides the warmth their slithering nightmares need to be their most terrible.

According to the cult, the calamitous force that writhes behind the universe has pressed on humanity's minds since before the first murder - an ancient thing indeed. We have interpreted it many ways:

  • Apep - The ancient Egyptians knew a force opposed order and sought to swallow the sun.
  • Tiamat - Babylonia revered both the obliterating inevitability of chaos and its maddened generative properties.
  • Cthulhu - A comparatively modern manifestation of the thing which breaks stars in its coils.
  • Dabbat al-Ard - An amorphous, writhing beast which Islam states will appear during the apocalypse.
  • Falak - Beneath the Arabic world lay air, beneath that fire, and beneath that Falak, the serpent at the end of knowledge.
  • Racumon - With a horned man's face, this Caribbean deity was embodied in snaking lighting and controlled the hurricanes.
  • Lucifer - A light cast down and a corrupter of knowledge who rages against the creation of the God of Abraham.
  • Jormungandr - At the literal root of the world a vast serpent sought to topple the Nordic reality.

There is no escape. There is no hope. There is only fire and venom and ash. A winding down. An unmaking of things that should not have been. 

Embrace and exalt the end.