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Jorvian National Freedom Party

An expansionist party, also referred to by its acronym JNFP, whose support rests heavily on opposition to Vye's ideals and, to a lesser extent, those of Acadia. They have warmer but idealistic relations with Gasmithon, and are supportive of and supported by many free-spirited Borderlands.

The JNFP is very focused on "intrinsic rights", "basic freedoms", and "human liberties". They're accepting of golems and magi except for those that strive to dominate others.

Rather a single issue party, but fervent and fiery and lots of rhetoric. They don't pay much attention to domestic issues, but are extremely tolerant of individual needs and so support programs that Osvithin often "forgets". They depend heavily on volunteer work to support their programs.

Volunteers also form the army, and the bulk of their ranks are from the JNFP. They patrol the national border and make forays into Vye-influenced borderlands. This party provides the primary force that keeps the military and police forces of Jorvik distinct.