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Osvithin makes an issue of faith. They have strong ties with Acadia. The role of the government is to take care of the people. They favor strong laws that tend to benefit followers of their faith. Their interest in other Lands and Borderlands is primarily economic and aggressive to fund their social programs.

The bond of faith is NOT official, since Jorvik is technically a secular nation. Osvithin politicians refer to it all the time though, and a lot of its followers don't really get the secular thing.

The party deals with "oddities" and magic as little as possible; they're generally not comfortable with it. If they can't ignore them they try to shut them out of the state's affairs as much as possible. This is a trait the Unionsts attack whenever possible, accusing them of being "unrealistic".

Osvithin social programs wildly favor those who adhere to the faith's core tenets. Non-believers are not actively persecuted, but they find little support.

Definite hints of nostalgia and protection here. People who yearn for "the olden days of lore". May have clandestine ties with the Exsanguinaries.

There's also a non-confrontational aspect here, they may strive for the moral high ground, and work through money and denial against their enemies.

There is a lot of room in this one for internal struggles. There could be a very clandestine faction or factions that focus on more of the non-fiscal actions/reactions to those they oppose.