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Pal Rai Yuk

A rare, marine mutation of amphisbaena, a Pal Rai Yuk is capable of reaching enormous size. The largest confirmed killed was as long as three men, and larger still have been reported. Each head splits into an elongated maw of needles, slightly eel-like and slightly lupine, while a nimble and retractable frill runs down each side, allowing the creature to change direction with startling speed, or venture brief, serpentine visits onto land or decks.

The appearance of a Pal Rai Yuk near a coastal town heralds doom. The Glist are terrified beyond words of these creatures, and will not willingly visit a region haunted by them, depriving it of their trade and mirth. Their presence also draws Thaia-thaan'ag cultists who come to worship and feed the chaos and fear. Too many abandoned fishing settlements are carved with icons of a two-headed serpent and littered with charred and worried bones.