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A prisgeon generally resembles a small bird, like a pigeon. However, its wings are larger than would be expected and slightly membranous, and the creature's feathers have a distinctly scaly appearance. Their faces are flatter than most birds, and their eyes more forward-facing.

The most notable trait of the prisgeon, however, is their amazing chameleon-like abilities. A prisgeon can rapidly make each of its feathers into a different color, sending bright patterns rippling across its body. An individual prisgeon is startling and beautiful, but a flock of them works together to make huge, moving images.

Prisgeons were created from small, flocking birds as living, self-reproducing, aerial billboards. Aspects of bats, chameleons, and octopi were added in, plus light-producing modifications. The flocking behavior was modified so the birds instinctually know where to go and what colors to change. Over the years, the original images the flocks carried have been corrupted, but each branch of the prisgeon family still makes a particular pattern naturally.

Individual prisgeons are highly valued pets, and can be trained to adapt particular patterns. Their temperament is rather mild, and they are smarter than most birds their size. Prisgeons make a mumbled cooing sound some people find calming, and can form strong bonds to their owners. Some enterprising hunters hunters have captured flocks of prisgeons and retrained them to display the banner or symbol of their patron.

For defense, a flock of prisgeons can make the image of a huge and startling creature, sufficient to frighten most predators away. Persistent attackers are swarmed by the flock, which flashes chaotically around them while pecking and scratching.