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The creatures now known as incubi and succubi originated as the manufactured escorts of the most powerful leaders of the old world. They were gorgeous, charming, and passionate.

After civilization fell, they were forced to adapt quickly to repair damage and wear. Unlike most other quonhae, many escorts had some capacity for violence, either due to their owner's taste or to serve as unassuming bodyguards. Some learned to use these talents to procure raw materials their internal systems could use for upkeep.

Mostly, they needed skin.

Now, the few remaining beguilers live again in humanity's biggest cities. They lust after their old way of life, and seek out wealth and glamour and sex. Their new-found survival method, however, has made them animalistic at their core, and many fine evenings with their kind end in blood.

A succubus or incubus who cannot procure human victims is forced to resort to hunting animals, and takes on aspects of their appearance. They try to hide these deformities by making them as small as possible, such as a single foot or a tail. Prolonged feeding of this sort produces a grotesquery of animal and human. Such a creature is usually forced to abandon caution and hunt for several skins if it wishes to resume its old form.