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Drakes were the household guardians of the wealthy. They often have fantastic, terrifying, bestial shapes and formidable weaponry and armor. They are alert and mean-tempered, but can form bonds to a strong-willed individual.

However it is decorated, the body of a drake is made of extremely tough material, and so does not decay easily over time. Their internal repair and energy generation systems are also extremely advanced, requiring only a weekly meal of water and stone to keep the creature in good working order. They enjoy basking in intense heat as well.

A drake's purpose is to guard. While mankind was in disarray, most lacked anything of merit to be guarded. So, they created their own hordes. Trained by their owners to know what is valuable, they collected precious metals and gems, works of art, weapons, and sometimes information. A few of these caches have been recovered, after being protected and tended for hundreds of years, and the effects have been dramatic each time.

Recently, a few drakes have been tamed by bold lords in the Borderlands, and now protect their keeps against further threats. These lords have aroused some concern in the nations, because in addition to a powerful guardian they have presumably also incorporated the creature's horde into their own treasury.

A very few drakes still guard their original home, and whatever treasures they have protected so long must be considerable.