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Each gnome was created for a particular task, which they pursue monomaniacally. Every conversation with a cobbler gnome comes back to shoes; every request from a silversmith gnome regards the garnering of more silver. Long centuries of frequent isolation and forced time away from their given pursuits have left most gnomes with a rambling speech peppered with anachronisms and misremembered words. Only when talking shop are they eloquent and direct, and gnomes are unparalleled masters of their respective crafts.

They vary in size and appearance, generally hunched and genderless. Their bodies are seemingly composed of materials they work with - stone, leather, cloth, silver, tin. Small additional limbs for holding tools and doing delicate work are quite common. Inside their bodies are small fray factories which can break down most matter when consumed. This is used for power or repairs, or as raw crafting material when extruded from their hands or skin.

Because they will work joyfully at their vocation with no compensation or rest, the service or ownership of a gnome is a highly sought. The Jorvian military is known to employ several in their armories. At least one Acadian noble house is rumored to keep a nursing gnome who has tended their sick and wounded for generations. Many successful businesses have a gnome secreted away in a back room, merrily churning out top-quality merchandise.

Gnomes are generally benign left to their devices and given sufficient opportunity for work. They can be mischievous, or even occasionally dangerous, when deprived of these things in an effort to secure them.