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Brotherhood of Saint Toad

Thaia-thaan'ag has decided the world must end. The Brotherhood of Saint Toad has decided the world must believe in its own end. A never-ending, wrenching, half-growth aside half-decay, propagating itself in terror. No cycle, no spiral - a bottomless fall whose origin never dims and whose nadir sucks and gnaws.

Members of the Brotherhood fervently support the cult's early operations in a region. However, when the plan would normally crash into panic and slaughter, the Brotherhood takes steps to maintain the crest of terror and suspicion. Heroes of the Lands should not consider these monks as allies united against the cult - they will eagerly destroy and publicly display the remains of any interlopers of noble intent so as to further demoralize their subjects.

The Brotherhood is the keeper of a rare and terrible breed of Thaaskith - the well toad. What begins as a normal seeming pollywog slowly grows into a pulsating, sedentary mass that begins to push its way through surrounding earth in search of more food. Every year it lays a slew of foamy eggs which hatch into tiny, wriggling parasites. Anyone who ingests these creatures quickly becomes dependent on the euphoria caused by their secretions. If these addicts don't trick or force others into consuming a parasite as well, the creature withholds its vile gift, sending the host into a state of hollow, aching despair. Soon the entire community falls under the sway of the well toad and the Brothers who serve it.