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Ouroboros Disciples

The Ouroboros Disciples believe that Thaia-thaan'ag is not exempt from its own principles. The sect works to undermine the cult's activities from within, plying the fear and paranoia of the worshipers against themselves and sabotaging their breeding temples. The members' motivations are varied: some seeks a paradoxical dissolution of dissolution, others cannot resist the urge to sow chaos in all forms, others believe the cult has failed in its current incarnation and must be purged.

The Disciples should not be confused with a heroic underground. They are as maddened and nihilistic as the rest of the Thaia-thaan'ag, and those who discover their existence and seek to manage their activities would do well to remember this. However, more than once an atrocity has been averted by discovering and empowering a sect member.

It is extremely rare to find more than a single Ouroboros Disciple within a cell of Thaia-thaan'ag cultists. In truth, they rarely recognize themselves as such - the title is used by the cult leaders to label these rogues. Still, they possess their own unnamed scraps of ranting apocrypha which slide and wind through the generations, unhindered by laws or frenzied culling.